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Behind our products there is a story to tell

A story that is the result of painstaking and careful selection methods.
We reach our final result after a procedure performed with due respect to rules and disciplines, which give rise to what we define and love to bring to the table as a “quality product”.
We carry out our work with care, passion and dedication, so that each individual food is not just good but a synonym for authenticity and genuineness.

Our Products

Caseificio VB

Caseificio Vb I Benfatti

Caseificio Vb La Pregiata

Caseificio Vb I Golosi

The milk chain

Caseificio VB

Excellence is a choice

Hand selected and always fresh raw materials create products of excellent quality.
At the root of the VB products there is just cow's, sheep's and goat's milk, certified and checked throughout the production chain.
The milk arrives directly from mountain pastures, being selected exclusively from the uncontaminated grasslands of our beautiful Italy.
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