Cacioricotta - Caseificio VB



Cacioricotta is a semi-soft cheese, which is obtained from the mixed working of cheese and ricotta.

VB mainly selects a production method which uses only goat's milk but as an alternative it can be produced with sheep's or cow's milk or both types of milk.
It is cylindrical in shape. Its surface is white and it has a salty taste.
In the Apulian tradition cacioricotta is eaten fresh, while when it is mature it can be grated or cut into flakes, to decorate typical dishes such as orecchiette with fresh tomato and pasta alla crudaiola.

  • Flavoured Cacioricotta: with chilli pepper, olives or smoked.
  • Ingredients: milk (sheep's, goat's or cow's depending on the desired product), salt and rennet
  • Formats: 300 g

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